Interview: Toya Bush-Harris Discuss Married To Medicine Season 3 With CocoFab

I recent did a great interview with CocoFab where we addressed what to expect with Married to Medicine Season 3, the tension between me and  Dr. Simone Whitmore and much more.

“There was drama from the time people arrived. Simone was in the car talking about me. She had a stank ass attitude before she got out of the car.”

Simone’s fury stems from a comment Toya made at last season’s reunion and Toya doesn’t regret it.

“I said she was acting like a bad mother. Isn’t there a difference? It means she is displaying some type of characteristics,” she explains.

“I’m not in her household so I can’t tell you she’s a terrible mother- you can see that from the way her children treat her. As far as her acting like a terrible mother at that time, yes. I felt like at that time she was out of control.” Read More…

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