Toya Bush-Harris: Let’s Talk About Friends

Sometimes many of us use the term friend very loosely, but I felt the need to dive a bit deeper into the meaning of what the word really means in my Married To Medicine blog on  

Now this may be old school for some of you, and some of you may have no idea what I am talking about, but this episode spoke to me a lot like Whodini’s rap song “Friends”. The first couple of verses state:


“Friends is a word we use every day, but most the time we use it in the wrong way…some are OK, and they treat you real cool, but some mistake kindness for being a fool.”

From Simone and I to Lisa and Quad, the topic of friendship comes up and each person “seemingly” has their own definition.

Let’s start with Lisa and Quad. Background checks between friends? This is where, as far as I am concerned, friendship did not play a factor. Who does a background check on their “friend”?  If my friends want to know something about me, they know they can ask me…. Read More

Bravo Blog: I Will Not Allow Someone’s Ugliness to Steal My Joy

Check out my most recent post on the Married To Medicine blog hosted by Bravo:

I am BACCCK! Season 3…who missed me? I missed you guys. I am so excited for this new season, and you guys will be glued to the tube every Sunday night with what is in store. #Married2Med

Your girl has come back, like Patti Labelle…with a new attitude: loving life, loving on my husband and kids, too blessed to be stressed, a new zip code with more square footage than a sister can decorate! However, Dr. Eugene is talking budget…What is that, a car rental place? LOL, but seriously, I am trying to keep the stress down at home and thank God for all my blessings. Read More… 

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